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Michael Love
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Last Man in Paradise (2010) is Michael’s third feature as a director and collaborator with his wife Tina with whom he also co-directed the documentary Much Ado About W, an official selection of the 2007 Santa Barbara International Film Festival and Hold it Like a Baby, an official selection of the 24th Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2009.  Much Ado and Baby both played at the San Luis Obispo Film Festival in 2009. He and Tina created the production company QUASTRA PRODUCTIONS. As screenwriter Michael’s produced films include Gaby, A True Story, about a Mexican poet with cerebral palsy, starring Liv Ulman, Robert Loggia, and Argentine actress Norma Aleandro, nominated for an Academy Award for her role as Florencia.  The film also received two Golden Globe Nominations.  Michael also wrote the internationally distributed ABC movie of the week Not In My Family, about a new mother afflicted with post-partum depression.  Having grown up in Mexico, Michael is fluent in Spanish, and also wrote the screenplay for the Spanish language feature film Un Fin de Semana depicting deforestation in Mexico. Michael has been hired to write many other screenplays for Hollywood, including recently Maverick’s for Playtone, Icon, and Universal Studios, based on the true story of big wave surfers Mark Foo, Ken Bradshaw, and Jeff Clark.   From 1993-99, Michael was an instructor and Faculty Board Member at the American Film Institute, Professional Training Division, where he taught the Rewrite Workshop “The Final Draft.”  Michael was also a lecturer at UCSB in 2004 and 2005.   Michael has a BA in music composition from California Institute of the Arts.
Most recently he has written the screenplay Cristiada for NewLand Films, starring Andy Garcia, Peter O'Toole, and Eva Longoria, currently in post production to be released sometime in 2011.


Tina Love



Last Man in Paradise (2010) is Tina's third collaboration as a director with her husband Michael with whom she also co-directed the black comedy Hold It Like a Baby an official selection of the 24th Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2009. Much Ado About W:art wars of Santa Barbara, was an official selection of the 22nd Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2007. Both films also played at the San Luis Obispo Film Festival in 2009.   Autumn Leaves, a short which Tina wrote, directed, shot and edited was an official selection of the 2006, 21st Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Tina has a B.A. in English/Drama. After many years of dance training (modern, ballet) she studied acting in New York and L.A.. From 2002-2004 she attended Brooks Institute of Photography, in Ventura majoring in film/video production. Shortly after she began writing short scripts and directing for a Santa Barbara acting school/production company: one a fantasy sci-fi: The Naturian Chronicles (2004, wr./dir.) ) and the comedy Anonymous, Anonymous (2007, wr.).  Currently she is finishing post production on a short film entitled "Destroying Angel" trailer. Back in 2001 flamenco took hold of her and today she is a member of the Flamenco company Love Flamenco! She is envisioning a movie about an American woman on a gypsy flamenco quest at this point. She and Michael created Quastra Productions.

She has several spec scripts completed, among them: "The Light of Day" based on a true story about her father, an American businessman who nearly losses his life when caught in a web of intrigue while negotiating a satellite deal with the Russain Space agency and "Crime Does Not Pay?" a comedy about Charles Edward Upright the IV, a man forced to carry on his family's untertaking legacy, in spite of his dreams of being a Shakespearean actor, and how he forges a new creative destiny for himself and his wayward Grateful Dead head groupie son, setting themselves and a host of other prisoners free.